What Exactly is ‘Branding’?

It’s much more than a logo! Branding refers to the process of developing a distinct identity and image of a service or a product in the customer’s mind. This is achieved primarily through advertising and media campaigning ensuring a coherent and consistent theme. Branding facilitates a business or a company in establishing a unique and distinguished presence in the market that results in attaining loyalty of consumers.

Branding is one of the most undervalued facets of a business. The way a company brands itself is a depiction of its vision, principles, service standards and reputation. Thus, branding of a business refers to more than just a logo, a catch phrase or a jingle; it expresses what a business stands for, what their aims and objectives are, what their story is and why people should trust them. Good branding will, therefore, inevitably help people discover you.

Companies and businesses that wish to flourish and thrive spend a great deal of resources and time in establishing and retaining their brand identity. It is often a good idea for a business to collaborate with a reputable branding agency to assure that their business concepts; notions and philosophies are properly showcased.

Paying Attention to the Minute Details

Small companies and businesses often make the error of neglecting the minuscule details in their visual design schemes, thinking of them as an afterthought. This is a huge mistake and can cause setbacks for the success of a company. It is worthwhile to be diligent about the little details.

It is important to ensure that the key branding elements are seamless. Variations in logos, texts, colors in letterhead, business cards, websites, etc. could steer a potential customer away. The disparities and inconsistencies equate to unprofessionalism and incompetence, therefore, making the business seem substandard even if the products/ services are of excellent quality.

Key Elements for Good Branding

A thoughtfully designed logo paves the path for effective branding of a company. A logo is essentially the “face” of a company and should primarily be reflective of the business’s identity. Since a logo expresses valuable information about the business, it should be comprehensible, timeless, simple, appropriate, unforgettable and versatile.

An attractive, consistent design throughout your marketing campaign ensures that your brand is well received by the consumer. The font, color palettes, images and the overall design and style is essential to the definition a company’s ‘personality’.

Having a suitable design profile that correlates to your company’s vision will enhance your standing in the market.


Building a good, reputable brand for your company is just as imperative as the sets of services or products being offered on the platform. Regardless of how good a brand’s services are, if it fails to create a notable, lasting first impression on the customer, chances are they’ve lost the business game.  Excellent, appropriate branding, therefore, creates an increase in the overall company value.