About Me

Brand and Web Strategist

My name is Jacquelyn Whitney and I’m an Excelsior State-based creative who specializes in Brand, Design, and Web Development. I help Individuals, Startups and Small Businesses launch their unique style and message online.   

What I Do

You have a unique story to tell, let me help you tell it.

What story does your business tell?  I help you launch or repair your business through a host of Web, Marketing and Creative Services.  Starting a business is hard, I know! I work to get your business off the ground so you can focus on the services your business provides. To view my full list of services, please click here.

Why I Do It

It’s simple, I love to design!

Ever since I was young, I knew three things for certain about myself. One, I am a super creative individual. Two,  I really enjoy working with people. And, three, I’m a problem solver. Working as a creative allows me the perfect marriage of these traits.  I get to use my skill set to help people solve problems. Awesome right?

How I Do It

Expertise, dedication and a whole lot of coffee!

My process is pretty simple.  I have a Four Step approach, known as “The Four D’s”,  to identify problems, generate solutions, and develop a unique strategy for your business.  To view my process click here.