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What I Do

You have a unique story to tell, let me help you tell it.

I’m an Excelsior State-based creative who specializes in Brand, Graphic Design, and Web Development. I help Individuals, Startups and Small Businesses launch their unique style and message online.

Web Development

Graphic Design

Brand & identity

Seo & Content Creation

Strategic Marketing

Print & Media


It’s simple, I love to Design.

Ever since I was young, I knew three things for certain about myself. (1) I am a super creative individual. (2) I really enjoy working with people. And, (3) I’m a problem solver. Working as a creative allows me the perfect marriage of these traits.  I get to use my skill set to help people solve problems. Awesome right?

How I Do It

Expertise, Dedication and a whole lot of coffee

My process is pretty simple.  I have a Four Step approach to identify problems, generate solutions, and develop a unique strategy for your business.

1. Define

Define/Refine your story.  We’ll work together to discover your vision.

2. Design

Time to put that game plan into action!  Your story starts to take its form.

3. Develop

Let’s bring those designs to life!  This is where the magic happens.

4. Deliver

We have lift-off! Your business is ready to join the online.

"Thank you for making this experience so easy for me! "

Rebecca, Home Inventory Services LLC

"Working with Whitney has been a pleasure. She is patient, nonjudgmental and extremely knowledgeable. When I don't understand something she takes her time to explain it to me in a manner that does not make feel stupid. She is knowledgeable in many areas and is willing to share her knowledge in such a way that ensures you will have a successful project. Not only that she is fun to work with!"

Helen Daniels, Helen Daniels Fine Jewelry

Political candidate Symra Brandon when she saw the political literature created," She's good!"

Friends of Symra Brandon, Political Campaign

"Creative, reliable and impeccable with her work."

Talladega Alumni Association of Greater New York

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Let's make something great together.


Thank you for visiting my online home.  I hope you enjoyed your stay.  If you’re looking to further connect you can find me being social here, or making art here.

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